Fremantle Western Australia

Fremantle WA

The vibrant bustling city of Fremantle is home to the major port situated at the mouth of the swan river. Blending the old with new brings a lively and enriching artistic and cultural atmosphere whenever you are visiting this magical hipster suburb.

Home to the famous maritime museum there is so much history Fremantle has to offer from the convicts and colonial history you can spend many of hours taking it all in – that’s why we started our moving company in this lovely place. If history isn’t your thing then why not step on to eat street visiting many of the restaurants and local cafes vending many local produces and exquisite meals to suit everyone’s tastes and budgets. Have you ever been to Freo on a Sunday? If yes you will know of the famous Fremantle markets buzzing with a pulsating and energetic feel you will not be disappointed as this space oozes satisfaction from locals and tourists. There is always something happening here. From the cappuccino strip full of beautiful architecture, from hotels, boutique bed and breakfasts and budget backpackers be sure to find accommodation to suit your needs.

Fremantle neighbours the famous Rottnest island and guess what it’s only a 30-minute ferry road across to paradise. Leaving daily for the B shed, this little slice of heaven is home to the Marsupial Quokka so go on hop on and snap yourself a famous Rottnest selfie with the quokkas. The Fremantle maritime museum was opened in 2002 and is also home to the ovens class submarine this is well worth a visit alone. So what else is there to do here you may be wondering? What about the famous Prison tours, built by the convicts in 1850s and used for 136 years Fremantle prison finally closed its doors in 1991 when it finally became open to the public in 1992, take a tour and see the magical and majestic history this place has to offer. 

Fremantle is a must see a town that presents itself full of inspiration and an anything will go attitude. We love our surroundings 🙂 such a lucky removals business to be operating in this place!